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The following Terms of Use; cancellation, return, and refund policy is a legal contract between an individual user and True Success ("") defining the rules and acceptable behaviour of our website and services. Please read these guidelines prior to using our site(s) and services.
Last Updated: 03/Nov/2020
1.1 Shipment of digital downloadable products
1.2 Limited Licence: Single-user licence
​1.3 Returns, exchange, and refunds
2.1 Shipping your orders to you.
2.2 Report lost, damaged, misprinted, defective, unclaimed products.
2.3 Return, exchange, refund.
2.4 Unreturnable goods.
2.5 Conditions of returned goods.
2.6 Out-of-stock orders.
2.7 Bad weather, bad conditions, accidents, and technical issues.
Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us. We will endeavour to digitally and physically deliver 100% of True-success customer orders. We're very confident with our products and can assure you will not be disappointed with the value we provide.
1.1 Shipment of digital downloadable products
After placing an order, you will have access to a download link at the end of the checkout, and another link will be sent to the email address you provide to us (It is your responsibility to ensure you provide accurate data/email, we will not be held accountable for any loses and we will give no refunds or replacements). The link sent to your email, or any other links will expire within 30 days from the day of purchase, and we will not replace a lost product. When you subscribe to online digital content, the products will not be delivered, instead, you will get access to the online catalogue and be able to utilise the service online and it will require access to the internet and a device. Please make sure you provide the correct email address.
1.2 Limited Licence: Single-user licence
Our digitised content such as ebooks are under a single-user licence; meaning one product per person. Customers must purchase the right license by purchasing the right number of copies of the licence during the order (Buy the right number of copies).
​1.3 Returns, exchange, and refunds (Of digital downloadable products).
Due to the nature of our products (non-tangible irrevocable goods), all digitally delivered products from True-Success that have been digitally shipped to the customer are NOT eligible for a return, refund, or exchange regardless of what. We do not refund orders for buyer’s remorse (No refund for buyers regrets or accidental orders).
However, the customer may at any time cancel their order before payment has been processed. There's no guarantee of the success of cancelling an order that has already been submitted to us, partly because the whole process of placing an order or receiving the ordered item is very fast and happens almost instantly that you won't stand the chance to cancel the order. We recommend checking any previous orders before completing a transaction to ensure you do not purchase the same digital product twice. Any duplicate orders will not be eligible for a refund regardless of use, and this is because the digital products are irretrievable. 
We also strongly recommend that all customers back up their orders on an alternate / separate hard drive to protect against loss of products. In the unlikely event of a failed/broken hard drive, we're not responsible and therefore we may not replace download links. We reserve the right to refuse any refund requests. But we will always be here to help you if you're not fully satisfied. Our subscriptions to digital contents have separate terms which can be found hereinbelow or in our terms and conditions in a separate page (In the footer of our website).
2.1 Shipping your orders to you.
Physical products fulfilled by our on-demand suppliers can take 14-22 working days to be fulfilled and can take longer than that if conditions make it impossible to meet the deadline or if products get lost in transit. We must therefore cooperate and deliver your item to you, for example, you may need to contact your local post office or the carrier and be available to receive or claim delivery. Please be patient, these products are created "on-demand" when you place an order, the product is created or prepared from scratch, so we need to take this into account as well.
2.2 Report lost, damaged, misprinted, defective, unclaimed products
If you do not receive your item after the expected delivery, please get in touch (With us, NOT the 3rd party supplier) immediately within 14 days of not receiving the product (which could be lost in transit, unclaimed from the carrier, undelivered by us, or returned to us), or receiving a damaged product. We give you 14 days, so we can also have 14 days to reach our supplier. The warranty for replacing a damaged product that is our error is 30 days from receiving or expected delivery. This is why we must cooperate to meet the deadline. 
Your item may be lost in transit or have some misprints, damage, or defects, so it is your responsibility to report to us these issues. Including when you have failed to claim it from the courier, resulting in it being returned back to our suppliers. We have the right to not refund you or offer any help if you do not contact us within 14 days. Please do not contact us unnecessarily or try to lie about lost or defect products because we will investigate and inspect the products before making any decisions. We do not refund orders for buyer’s remorse (No refund for buyers regrets).
2.3 Cancellation, return, exchange, refund policy
(Warning: DO NOT return items to True-Success' addresses. Items will have to be returned to the right location, to our supplier's warehouses and the address is set to default on the shipment you receive and is based on where your package was fulfilled, so return address will be different for every shipment. Also, you CANNOT return an item without our (True Success') prior knowledge of it. You must contact us first within 14 days of receiving or not receiving your item. We then have 14 days too to report the error with our suppliers (28days in total). Any products sent to True-success's addresses will be deemed lost by you and you will not receive any refunds*). Regarding cancellation, you cannot cancel an order that has been placed because as soon as our 3rd party suppliers receive a confirmation for an order they begin work immediately, so if you cancel you will still be liable for any loses and will not receive any refunds. So please make your mind up before placing an order. 
Our merchandises, apparels, or accessories, are fulfilled by 3rd party suppliers on our behalf and the whole supply chain is very complex that a single mistake by us, our suppliers, or you when placing an order can leave all of us in a very big chaos. For that reason, we DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS, EXCHANGE (OF PRODUCT), AND DO NOT GIVE REFUNDS. The sale of merchandises, apparels, and accessories are final, UNLESS, there's an error on our part e.g defective product, our mistakes leading to wrong destination or losses. The responsibility is transferred to you from the day we hand the products to the carriers to deliver the item to you, please play your part and try to locate the item, it will be great if you can cooperate by contacting your local post office. The warranty to replace a defective product that's our fault is 30days from the expected delivery. After that, we cannot replace the product.
  • So please take great care when placing an order; read the terms and conditions found in the product descriptions including in here. Order the right item, size, colour, etc. In addition, provide your accurate shipping and contact information. Any errors made by you will make you liable for the loses.
  • Our suppliers will not accept exchange of products, but should they do, you will be fully responsible for the return of the unwanted goods back to our suppliers using the return address on the product (Products must be in new, unused, original condition with all labels intact), and you will incur a reshipment and additional handling and service fees incurred to reship your new replacement to you, including duty fees that grant entry of your product to your country. Your new product will be shipped to you after our suppliers have received the returned item and after you have fully paid for a reshipment and handling fees to us. This means you must contact us first within 14 days, otherwise, we have the right to refuse refunds or exchanges.
  • ENSURE YOU ARE ORDERING TO A DESTINATION THAT CAN BE REACHED BY OUR COURIERS. We will not deliver to inaccessible or insufficient locations and the products will be returned to our supplier's warehouses and if unclaimed within 24 working days, the unclaimed goods will be donated to charity by our third-party supplier and you will not be refunded. You will need to place a separate order, should that be needed.
  • So, report any damaged, lost or unclaimed items immediately within 14days, giving us 14 days to try and resolve the issue with our 3rd party suppliers and wait for our decisions because the warranty that covers damaged products is 30 days from expected delivery, so we need to cooperate to meet this deadline. We and our suppliers will be fully liable for errors on our part. You will be liable for the cost of a reshipment to you plus any additional handling and service fees (which you will have to pay to us to qualify for reshipment) for unclaimed goods that are your fault if you want them back. You will also be liable for duty fees that grant entry of your product to your country or any other charges and fines. Otherwise, you will have to inform us whether you would like the item reshipped at your own expense or donated cancelled or given to charity. Refunds cannot be given for unclaimed goods that are a result of your fault. You can place a new order, should that be needed. So please be diligent when placing an order.
2.4 Unreturnable goods.
Some goods such as but not limited to face Masks, underwear, and jewellery cannot be returned for health reasons regardless of use. If such an item is returned to us, we will not offer you any refunds. However, if there are errors on our part, we will be liable for the loss and repay you by reshipping a replacement or offering a full refund. The Warranty that covers this is 30 days from expected delivery to make a claim by contacting us, after that we are not liable. Please, we do not accept exchange of a colour, sizes, or other products, etc. We do not refund for customer remorse, regrets, or accidental orders. Any return without our prior knowledge will be deemed lost and will not be eligible for exchange or refunds, you will be liable for the loss.
2.5 Conditions of returned goods.
Any returned goods with our prior knowledge must be unused and in its original condition and packaging. Otherwise, we have the right to refuse the return or to refund you. Any return without our former knowledge of it may result in you losing the product and you will not be refunded for what we're not responsible or know of.
2.6 Out of stock orders
Every product will display the "out-of-stock" description if the item is unavailable. If you order an item that's out of stock we will cancel your order and refund you as soon as we notice this and inform you of this. If you do not receive your item please get in touch with us to investigate why. You will then have the option to have a new product shipped to you at our own cost or receive your full refund. We cannot pay you more than you have paid for the items.
2.7 Bad weather, bad conditions, accidents, and technical issues.
We will try our best to deliver your order but in the unlikely event of bad weather, accidents, and conditions that disturb the normal flow of delivery, your order may take longer than usual. We will not be held accountable for when this happens, but both you and we shall have to cooperate to ensure that you receive your items. And this may involve getting in touch with the courier handling the delivery and contacting us. We will cooperate with our suppliers who're supplying the products on our behalf too. Please be patient during these times.
Delays caused by incidences that are out of our control e.g. technical issues and system failures, that causes us to take a little longer, we will not be held accountable for this. However, by all means, we will be in touch with you to ensure everything runs smoothly and that you are rest-assured.
Shall we at a certain point supply and fulfil physical products ourselves in house by us, we shall update its cancellation, shipment, return, exchange, and refund policies right here or in our main terms and conditions. 
Subscriptions are under a single-user licence and again we do not offer RETURNS, EXCHANGE, OR refunds or testing/trial periods. However, we have set aside a free subscription with free contents that acts as a free trial—for you to try and test prior to committing to a premium subscription that offers the entire catalogue of our digital (text-based only) content. When you subscribe to the paid membership service e.g. members blog or members forum, you'll be charged immediately. You can cancel at any time, however, you shall not be refunded if you ever change your mind or cancel, that's because we assume you have fully accessed the benefits of our services and you're liable for payments.
This is because of the nature of our products, our digital products are irretrievable, and they hold great authority. However, you have the opportunity to cancel your recurring membership plan any time before the autorenewal date so you don't get charged for the consequent period (Month or year). You gain access to online catalogue premium members-only content online and you will have a premium member account that enables you access. The service will not be shipped to your email or at home. You will not receive postal bills at your physical address. Updates regarding your subscriptions will be shipped to your email address so ensure you provide accurate data. This statement is for return, shipment, and refund of subscription only, so to access our full "subscription terms" please check our main terms and conditions here
By using our website, you hereby consent to our cancellation and refund policy and agree to its terms. We have the right to make changes to our terms at any time at our own discretion, and may we make any changes we will make it known here. We urge you to check out terms and conditions by following this link
For any enquiries please email us at You can also contact us directly from our site where you can find relevant links to the contact form.
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