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This is where we disclose vital information that we believe is relevant to help you make informed decisions when using our site products, and services. Please come here often to check for disclosure updates.
Last Updated: 24/Oct/2020
Our products and services are for personal development; self-mastery, self-help, self-improvement, and observations (learning, studying, experimentation). Our information, digitised contents, books, opinions, or perspectives should never be taken blithely as unfalsifiable truth – our opinions in our digitised content should be taken as false until independently validated by you by undertaking an independent examination of the claims. However, you cannot demonise or harm our perspectives and work as if your perspectives are better. If you're only here to cause trouble and not here for the sole purpose of civilised learning, please kindly leave our sites and services. Take our information as suggestions only, you must then do your independent study and use your knowledge, intuitions, and best ability to make informed decisions and actions. However, we fully disclaim any loses and damages incurred using any of our products or services or the actions that result from the usage.
We all want to reach the trajectory of a great life, however, we're not all going to reach there the same way because of the fact that we're all different, to begin with — some will take longer than others and some will need certain materials, products, or services than others. We need to be aware that self-mastery is a process and our processes will defer from each other. 
This is not some "Get rich quick" scheme, or some gimmicks, or some pseudoscience. It certainly not licenced professional advice either, so please look for independent professional advice elsewhere when needed. Our work should never be taken as accurate, comprehensive, or final – rather as suggestions that need to further be explored. Our mission is to provide information that holds authority and integrity, and what we believe is key to your growth and betterment rather than failure.
The world is a very strange place, please do not be surprised if some of our concepts appear to be extraordinary, depending on who you're and you're character at the time, you may definitely find our information quite contradictory to your previously held ideas. In these cases, we urge you to be openminded, sceptical and be very cautious not to misconstrue the ideas conveyed. Seek independent licenced professional advice when need.
You may discover adverts on our sites ( we do not endorse the products and services advertised on our site. We may also recommend some relevant products or services only if we know they're relevant and holds great value. Nonetheless, you should always be prudent and cautious when online.
We have the right to make changes to our disclosure at any time at our own discretion, and may we make any changes we may or may not make it known here. For any enquiries please email us at You can also contact us directly from our site where you can find relevant links to the contact form.
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