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The fundamental nature of reality.

Updated: May 29, 2021
The fundamental nature of reality




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The subject or academic discipline that's concerned with the fundamental nature of reality is called philosophy. This means that, by knowing what philosophy is, one can also be deemed to have mastered the nature of reality, because of the fact that the two topics are both one and represents each other. knowing the fundamental nature of reality is also the same as knowing the subject of philosophy. Both are one. That's why I did not have to write an entirely new guide on the same subject and matter, which would be a little repetitive of me, plus it would consume time and also not observe the linkage between philosophy and reality. So, I'd say, this particular approach is better and you'll gain a more fuller understanding of the bigger picture and discern the two subjects better.

You can discover this same subject in my other book "what is philosophy", in the philosophy category of this library. Remember that this guide is a feature of that original book. In this guide, therefore, you will learn more than just the nature of reality, but also what the subject "philosophy" entails and is concerned with, and how both subjects integrate into one. And that's really key to your overall greatness and true and comprehensive understanding of life.

This is why I have decided to feature that book on philosophy on here because they're all concerned with one subject, they're all trying to understand the nature of reality. So below is a copy of the book. "What is philosophy: what is the fundamental nature of reality?" This guide will help you understand life in-depth as well as help you learn about philosophy and meaning and purpose. So enjoy it.


What is philosophy: what is the fundamental nature of reality?


Without a comprehensive understanding of philosophy and its authority over their life is one without meaning and distinction in life. That person will lack real clarity between subjects and remain oblivious to the fundamental nature of reality. They'll lack total coordination in life due to a lack of truth and precision in their philosophy knowledge. However, real success requires sincerity and full comprehension; a far-reaching elucidation of the subject; philosophy.

Philosophy is one of the most profound subjects ever, and most people are entirely unaware of it and the power and role it plays in one's life. Comprehensively mastering this subject will enlighten you about the subject and the fundamental nature of reality. It will help you discern and create a perfect and successful worldview, perspective, and mindset essential for that ultimate meaning; clarity, purpose, fulfilment, coordination, wisdom, and foundation. This subject is so deep and fundamental to your overall greatness and success; its ignorance could lead to your worldview not being effectively integrated, leaving you without the capacity to conduct a more meaningful and exceptional life.


As a subject or an academic discipline, philosophy is studying the fundamental nature of reality, knowledge, and existence. This guide grapples with philosophy and reality at a whole level, which is essential for having an overall understanding and meaning.


01. Why the need to fully understand philosophy?

Without realising what philosophy is and the authority it holds, one will remain oblivious to the fundamental nature of reality, be bound by misconceptions, and real truth and meaning will remain obscured. But real success requires sincere and comprehensive elucidation of this topic; reality.

Philosophy is one of the most profound subjects ever, and most people are unaware of this; what it is, the power it holds, and how fundamental and crucial it is in the role it plays in one's life. Comprehensively mastering this subject will enlighten you about the term, the subject, and the nature of reality. It will help you create a perfect and successful worldview, perspective, and mindset needed for that ultimate meaning; clarity, purpose, fulfilment, coordination, wisdom, and foundation. This subject is deep and fundamental to your overall greatness and success. Its ignorance can lead to your worldview being ineffectively integrated, which also equates to not being successful in life; not possessing the successful mind that's key to leading an extraordinary life.

The mission

Our mission here is not to deal with the term's origin and how it came about, and who coined the term. We're here to articulately define what philosophy is as a subject and rid of all the misconceptions around it to leave us with the truth, real meaning, and greatness. Philosophy is a profound subject that holds considerable authority. Without proficiently understanding it or even neglecting and following the wrong models and teachings on philosophy, it could lead to chaos. Limited knowledge on any subject is not a strength but a weakness that will tarnish your life. But real success requires a comprehensive mastery of everything. And an issue like philosophy is a huge deal because it represents a big picture in your life. It's not just one of those academic disciplines you can choose from, to end up studying about a bunch of great philosophers. No, this subject is actually about life, to be exact.

As you already know, my mission or that of True Success is to redefine everything to bring out the real truth and meaning. So, the task is all about bringing upon clarity and a deeper understanding of everything; life; reality—something we all need to pursue, not just some of us; it's indispensable and vital for life; we all need it.

Your mission in life is to be the greatest you can be and to prove yourself. You're not here to live a simple and predictable life. You want to live a life of understanding, full enlightenment. That's why all of these work you're doing; exploring different perspectives, reading, self-mastery, and learning with us is essential as it gives you that real meaning and purpose. It gives you the wisdom that builds and drives you in this challenging world. Learning alone gives you purpose of its own; something to be passionate about, a hobby to do, etc. You're not here to simply live; you're here to live, but live it well and whilst doing something valuable for yourself. One of the most significant investments you can make in your life is learning; the right education. The right education is the right power and is all that you need for overall success and greatness.

The term philosophy might have been coined by whoever (On Wikipedia, it says "probably Pythagoras"), and it could be greek for the love of knowledge, etc. Still, we're not interested in any of that or its origin. You could replace the term with any other appellations, and that's still fine because we're not interested in the label. We're interested in the subject behind the title. We're not here to study the origin of the term or many of the ostensibly "great" philosophers. This is because it has absolutely no relevance in our personal lives. We also want to know the power behind philosophy and how everything integrates to give that ultimate meaning vital for a successful life. That's the ultimate mission, in a nutshell. One who doesn't fully comprehend philosophy does not know life, with great profundity.

So we're here to shift that mindset to start valuing philosophy more and know what it is rather than live a clueless and ignorant life. We want to do this because in this world we live there is no definitive truth given to you or widely known. So it is encumbered on you to find your own truth and clarity. Unfortunately, it's not an easy task. It's very costly, it's very challenging, and it requires a considerable sacrifice. There's little to no truth out there, so real truth must come from our own efforts.

You could spend years studying philosophy at higher education and still not have it all together, yet not have a broad understanding of the topic. This is because several factors influence your knowledge and perspectives on everything, e.g., teaching style, models and views used whether they're flawed or not, limited experience, and even hidden agendas, for instance, one that's there to undermine your total growth and development. An agenda to keep you blind from the ultimate truth and so you can remain submissive and easily manipulated and controlled. Those are some of the cons for not taking full responsibility for your own growth, being ignorant, self-neglect, not being bothered about your development, and leaving it to an external entity. We need to acknowledge that our mindset or view of everything will condition our destiny and approach to life. That's why it's fundamental to strive for sincere comprehension rather than vagueness, playfulness, and jokes.

To be successful and excellent in your life, we must refine our attitudes and mindsets on everything. In other words, your mindset or perspective determines how successful you're; a refined mind is a successful individual. Hence it's vital to make sense of life and language (knowing what terms like philosophy really means, rather than being ignorant and blind. You're here to rewire yourself to align authentically with the truth. Because that's what greatness is, possessing truth, having total clarity, knowing life, mastering yourself, mastering the world.

Now, let's not waste time wondering the authority, integrity, and authenticity of this work or being afraid of potential regrets and losses. I want to reassure you that this work is the most outstanding deal; all my work is my best work, done painstakingly for an exceptional result. This work is priceless, and you begin to benefit from start to finish. So, well done for choosing to articulate this subject with me.

Now, let's define philosophy…..

02. What is Philosophy?

The synonym of philosophy includes; knowledge, reasoning, belief, thinking, understanding, conception, truths, ideas, notions, logic, worldview, viewpoint, faith, rationale, ideology, sense, wisdom, axiom, conviction, etc.

1. Philosophy, as a subject; It is the study of the fundamental nature of reality, existence, knowledge, and what is morally right or wrong, true or false. In a nutshell, it is the study of life (the world; reality; existence; everything). Philosophy as a label, represents the subject it stands for, i.e. reality. In essence, philosophy is reality.

Philosophy as a subject is about making sense of everything, connecting the dots, and knowing what life is all about, having meaning, possessing a real understanding of existence. You can already see that it's not a very simple subject; it's an all-encompassing subject; it represents reality since it's the study of reality. Therefore, all the other small subjects and topics come under philosophy since philosophy has now taken the place of reality or truth. All of the other subjects you know of are, in essence, philosophy; there's no dichotomy between philosophy and other subjects—All is one; there's no duality but non-duality. Not discerning this can create unnecessary conflict between topics and matter.

2. Philosophy as knowledge:It's the reality acquired, experienced, understood. It's knowledge, the knowledge of reality or truth (or knowing reality or truth). It's a thought, thinking, idea, concept, belief, theory, worldview, outlook, mindset (belief system), ideology, notion.

Philosophy is both the mission (the pursuit) and the acquired mission; it is both studying reality, existence, and knowledge. And experience; the acquired knowledge or the accepted truth or reality. You see, philosophy is about learning life or reality, knowing truth. Reality or truth can only be understood as knowledge (experience) rather than a tangible material matter. And so that makes reality or life nothing other than knowledge; truth is knowledge; fact is immaterial. Reality is not something physical, but it's subject to your awareness, consciousness, or perception.

While philosophy is the study of everything; reality, truth, or life, it also becomes that which is studied. In that case, philosophy becomes synonymous with reality, truth, life, fact, the world, existence, and everything. In other words, there's no distinction between philosophy and reality; both are one. That means you can't just disvalue philosophy because once you do that, in principle, you're devaluing the whole of reality or truth. Whatever reality is is what philosophy is, vice versa. The terms reality, facts, truth, life, the world, knowledge, experience, awareness, thinking, belief, notion, assumption, mindset, philosophy are all one thing, and there's no difference. When you philosophise, you're understanding, connecting the dots, creating reality, creating a picture, seeking knowledge, making sense and integrating whatever world you're dealing with.

03. Debunking the misconceptions

You see, one of the prevalent concerns around this topic is that not many people know what philosophy is as a subject or take the time to learn and make sense of it profoundly. But not knowing philosophy is the same as not knowing reality. Not knowing reality or life is the same as not having meaning, purpose, coordination, or enlightenment. But we live in an opinionated world where one with a limited understanding of life feels entitled to be heard. That can pose a risk for others seeking real truth, success and meaning because most less developed individuals become obstacles to one's greatness. Superficially, one might assume reality is that which they see or perceive; the ostensibly physical and material realm. But in reality, that's just the surface stuff.

A more in-depth look would reveal something completely different, more of an illusion or nothingness. That's evidence that reality is not tangible, it's not physical, it's not material, and it's not there. Reality, truth, the world, existence, knowledge, etc., all don't exist. Everything is an illusion; nothing exists no matter what. You can only understand and be aware that everything is an illusion and that it's not there. You don't need some empirical evidence for that. But if you want to know that everything is an illusion, break a particle or atom down to its nothingness; then you'll realise there's nothing but an illusion. So knowledge and reality are one; we can only be conscious or aware of fact or truth; knowledge or experience is reality. That's why your worldview or reality is, in essence, the knowledge you hold about life, i.e. your philosophy of life. Having the wrong knowledge or experience is similar to having a false reality.

There's no wrong in having any knowledge or perspective. However, despite how valuable that perspective might be, it's still essential to maintain an authentic reality or truth. It is necessary to know both the more in-depth and superficial nature of reality and utilises both to your most significant advantage. That's what real greatness is. Know the surface stuff and the more profound knowledge, rather than focusing on one and ignoring the other. My concern is when people focus only on the surface and call that reality and then denounce the deeper aspect of reality or existence as a nuisance. That's what hurts the most because that's being biased and taking what you assume to be more valuable. But the fact is, the entirety of reality is useful. The surface staff provides the physical or materialistic foundation for us, but the deeper one is essential for meaning and fulfilment.

A materialistic view is a trap as it prevents one from digging deeper into existence, but the lack of depth will leave one oblivious to truth and meaning. That describes what the vast majority of people are in this world; most of us lack real substance and clarity. Because most of us are stuck in the materialistic view of life. Suppose you're unaware of philosophy or the fundamental nature of reality. In that case, the world will create its world for you, and that world is the materialistic world which you will be fed even in the education system until you're more advanced.

A circuit board cannot be fulfilled until it's closed and connected. Similarly, you cannot be happy and fully content until your world is fully connected and integrated. Happiness comes from connecting the dots and having a full picture and understanding of life and how everything works. Without that integration, you can never be content. That's the reason why you're here learning with me. It is hell for you if you don't fully grasp the nature of reality. Having a surface view or materialistic perspective alone will not yield real greatness; it will only serve your survival but not happiness and meaning. The materialistic view alone will leave you undeveloped, unsuccessful, and blind or without depth, meaning and coordination in life. It is great that you're here striving to overturn this small-mindedness and myopic view issue to become wholly extraordinary.

Most people you're going to encounter in life will have very little understanding of reality. That's the real issue because now it makes it extremely difficult for a vulnerable person to find the whole truth. That's one reason why the journey or process to total enlightenment, success, self-development, and growth is very long and extremely challenging. Because you will have to pass through all of the obstacles, all the misconceptions, fears, society, others mindsets, popular wisdom, etc., to reach real knowledge, truth, and clarity. Some of you will admit that it wasn't easy to find True-success or me, and it was perhaps merely a chance because work like isn't prevalent.

It's not, at all, easy or straightforward to become successful and refined in life. There are just many obstacles that influence your ability to escape mediocrity. That's the reason why not everyone makes it in life. But it adds to the value of becoming successful and great; the more challenging and scarce something is, the more valuable it is. That's another reason why truly successful people are seen as Godheads because they went through a lot to master greatness. So be grateful as you're on that journey, fighting to become successful and great. Lift your chin and keep going, knowing that it will all pay off soon. Well done.

04. Tips and actionable steps...

You do not have to speculate and try to fathom reality in the form of an image or material item, or like it is some absurd abstract cloud out there or above your head etc. Or attempting to imagine nothingness, darkness, hollowness, and space, etc. You can only be aware of reality that it's not there. Trying to find a picture of reality is the same as creating a materialistic view of reality in your mind when no such physical paradigm exists. So just be careful as you don't want to waste your mental energy, time, and you could pretty much end up deluding and hurting yourself in the process.

If you're undeveloped, of course, you will hold a materialistic perspective by default, and we've all been there. Occasionally we still lose ourselves in the materialistic paradigm until we become conscious of the illusion all over again. The material world is the reality most people know of; it takes learning and self-mastery to realise reality's fundamental nature. We're not born with the knowledge; we must therefore acquire it by observing and examining life.

Anyway, there you have it all under your sleeve. Master reality; philosophy; knowledge; the non-duality nature of reality, etc., and real power and enlightenment is under your fingertips. Keep on refining every aspect of your life for overall growth. And as much as you and I are concerned, I believe we've done some fantastic work already on this topic, though there are still tons of other smaller subjects that require some articulation. But that will be for a different time. It's vital that we keep learning and obtaining a comprehensive understanding of every topic.

Because comprehension is what success is, and we want to have knowledge that's precise and mathematical. That's why learning thoroughly using this method is the best way to learn. The subject needs a thorough approach to articulation, not simple speculations. Many efforts go into work like this, including a lot of mental activity and critical observations to ensure precision. It is not easy; that's why when you get the answers and solution to your problems, you must be grateful and must give thanks.

If this work touched you, please show appreciation; leave some good feedback and testimony, or even a small tip on True-Success's donation page. That would mean the world to me. But joking about this type of work just because you're privileged to access it is a terrible idea. Think about the behind-the-scene efforts and costs, too, not only the value you want to reap out. A person who fully masters this truth about reality and philosophy is the ultimate winner and one who goes on to reap all of the most incredible fruits of life. Every person on this planet is here for that mission, so keep up the excellent work, continue developing yourself, and make more significant distinctions in life. If you read this up to here without losing focus and g, it's evident that you're an earnest student. Well done, and keep up the excellent work!

This guide may further be extended in the future to include other relevant topics that may require additional attention.



05. Summary

The main point of this great guide was as follow:

Our mission was to define philosophy, and we've done just that. We learnt that philosophy deals with knowledge, reality, existence, and morality. We also defined what reality is, and we came to the conclusion that philosophy and reality is one; we looked at the oneness or non-duality nature of reality. We also looked at how all of what we learnt is beneficial; how the knowledge is conducive to our successful living and greatness. That's the greatness, right there.

Now, we must continue to take self-improvement and learning very seriously. Let's keep building our successful foundations that will impact our functions and result in life. Let's re-evaluate our philosophies, definitions, and authentically define ourselves, be it independently or with the help of True-success learning platforms and materials.

06. Conclusion


Well done, you've made it once again; another one in the bag, an outstanding achievement. Definitely, something to be proud of for it's not so easy. You've achieved something most people don't and will never have. So, be grateful and realise your blessings, and pat yourself on the back; reading alone is in itself a success.



About the Author

Rich Wolf is a formidable and wholly accomplished radical thinking philosopher of all time. Ann autodidactic polymath with a wide array of expertise in several fields. He is also the founder of True Success™ and several other business ventures.


Other info

We're here to help transform your life for the better.

Hence, we kindly ask you to help us to help you, support us to support you, be there for us, to be there for you. Every little support from you helps. That's why we would like to ask for your continued support in every way possible. We highly value your feedback, any donations, use of our practical, useful, and very empowering merchandises, social following and interactions, sites email subscriptions, and generally choosing to learn with us like you're doing right now. We thank you for all of your contributions, efforts, and continued support. Please continue this awesome deed. Your support enables us to support you back. That's the dynamic in which effective changes and real growth can manifest for both of us. Realise that we may need to depend on each other to bring upon that desired change and greatness.

We strongly urge that you continue to learn and to never quit. True knowledge is the ultimate power, so quitting is in principle, giving up your powers and stepping down. True knowledge is inevitable, you cannot simply ignore it and hope for greatness somewhere else or anything other than true knowledge. Real knowledge is power and all there is, and all that matters. The people who're ignorant of knowledge are the less educated because they lack the awareness, hence, they can't value it as much as you and I do. Learning should be a lifelong mission for both of us, and it should not be a choice or a luxury, but an essential; something that's fundamental and a must.

We're here to genuinely continue to bring you the best of the best and continue to empower your overall growth. And we acknowledge that this mission is not a once-in-a-lifetime, but an ongoing one. Therefore, let's all, relentlessly, focus on this growth and cultivating real greatness together for as long as life takes, without deviating or giving up. Sincerely invest in yourself through the pursuit of true knowledge; loving knowledge and pursuing it wholeheartedly with real passion and a burning desire and urge for excellence and distinction in everything.


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